The Top 20 Tech & Biotech Stories From Xconomy San Francisco’s First Quarter

Xconomy San Francisco — 

It’s hard to believe, but we have now closed the book on our first full quarter of publishing Xconomy San Francisco. It’s fair to say that a little over three months ago, Wade and I were a teensy bit fired up about this new opportunity to cover the world capital of innovation.

How are we doing? We know the readers are the ultimate judges. But given the breakneck pace of news on the web, we like to take a deep breath once a quarter for our own in-house review. Wade and I set the bar high in our launch manifesto, in which we wrote: “We are storytellers, not buzz-chasers. We will do real reporting, not drive-by rehashes of the day’s headlines. We seek to lead the pack, not mimic it.”

Now that I’ve had a chance to skim back through our work from the past three months, here’s my own personal take on the top 10 Bay Area tech stories from Wade, and my 10 favorite stories from the life sciences beat. These are the kind of stories we are here to tell, stories that break new ground or shed new light, that engage you in conversation, and that you really can’t find anywhere else.

The coolest part is we are just getting warmed up. If you have any suggestions on people, companies, ideas we should dig into next, you know where to find us: [email protected]

Wade’s Top 10 tech stories from the past quarter:

Can #NewTwitter Swim Faster Than a Fail Whale?

Skyhook, Fighting for Its Life in Suit Against Google, Cries Foul: “Call in Referees and Review the Tape”

Anybots, Y Combinator’s Housemate, Brings Remote-Controlled Robots to the White-Collar World

The Leaning Tower of Ping: How iTunes Could be Apple’s Undoing

The Wars Over Mafia Wars: Dissecting Digital Chocolate’s Case Against Zynga

In Seed Funding Race, AngelList Sorts the Junk From the Maybes

Why Facebook Place Will Make Foursquare Into a Footnote

Overshooting and Undershooting: Scale Venture Partners’ Kate Mitchell and Rory O’Driscoll on the VC Pendulum Swing

How a MacGyver of the Semiconductor Industry Plans to Rescue Nanosys

Innovating Where Banks Won’t: Talking With Rich Aberman About Wepay’s Vision for Group Payments

Luke’s Top 10 Life Sciences Stories from the third quarter

AvidBiotics Creates Novel Proteins That Kill Bacteria on the Farm, In the Lab, In the Body

Nodality Nears Market With Technology to Get the Right Cancer Drug to the Right Patients

Plexxikon Shows How New Drug Hits Molecular Target for Deadly Skin Cancer

Siluria, Backed by Arch, Alloy & Kleiner Perkins, Seeks Cheaper, Cleaner Plastics

Life Tech, in Competitive Frenzy for Cheap DNA Sequencing, Buys Ion Torrent for $375M

Third Rock Ventures, VC Firm With Appetite for Audacious Biotech Ideas, Sets Up Shop in SF

Solazyme, Founded on “Delusional” Idea of Algae Biofuel, Stakes Claim as Industry’s First Mover

Kristina Burow, Arch’s Startup Builder in SF, Shows Eye for Big Ideas of Biotech, Cleantech

Gail Maderis, the Boston Biotech Exec Who Came Home to SF, Seeks to Give Back at BayBio

Phylotech, Corey Goodman’s First Environmental Health Startup, Raises $1.2M in Seed Capital