Keeping the Net Healthy

Subtitled “How Can We Develop an Immune System for the Internet?,” this Commonwealth Club evening session will bring together digital luminaries Vint Cerf and Esther Dyson, along with Paul Mockapetris, the creator of the Domain Name System (DNS) and chief scientist and chairman of the board at Nominum.

From the event description: “Viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, zombie machines. Several years ago, we might have thought of these as just a nuisance, and their perpetrators as mostly underemployed kids. Today, cybercrime is worth billions of dollars to loosely organized networks of criminals that prey on individuals, businesses and governments with malicious or profit-seeking intent. What are some of the current threats, and how is industry responding to them? What new threats might we expect in the coming years? Is the Internet’s health partly a result of misaligned incentives, where those who cause the damage don’t bear its costs? How can we change that? What more should industry, government and individuals be doing to protect the network and, ultimately, ourselves?”

Tickets $30; information and registration here.