If You’re Just Joining Us: Eight 1/2 Weeks of Bay Area Innovation Stories, Xconomy Style

Xconomy San Francisco — 

We’re still pretty new to the Bay Area, having turned on our San Francisco site just eight weeks ago Monday, on June 14. Our web stats tell us that quite a few of the people who visit every day are arriving at the site for the first time. So as a quick introduction, I thought I’d point you to a few local stories that illustrate Xconomy’s unique approach to innovation news—i.e., in-depth coverage of the entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors exploring the newest markets for innovation in life sciences, infotech, and clean energy.

You can always check out our recent favorites in the “San Francisco Editors’ Picks” box on the front page of Xconomy San Francisco. And by the way, I hope you’ll join me and my colleague Luke Timmerman this Friday, August 13, for an open house at Xconomy’s San Francisco office (699 Mississippi Street, Suite 206, in the Dogpatch/Potrero Hill neighborhood, 5:00-9:00 p.m.). We’d love to tell you more about our mission, and hear about what you’re doing.

6/14: Xconomy Arrives in San Francisco Bay Area, Telling Stories of Innovation in the Global Capital of Technology and Entrepreneurship

6/14: A Video Introduction to Xconomy and Its New San Francisco Editor

6/14: The Story of Siri, from Birth at SRI to Acquisition by Apple-Virtual Personal Assistants Go Mobile

6/14: Genentech’s Souped-Up Herceptin: The Odyssey Toward a More Powerful Breast Cancer Drug

6/15: Xconomy’s Journey Stretches to the ‘Next World’: San Francisco

6/15: The Rise of Evernote: An Interview with CEO Phil Libin

6/21: Reg Kelly, Scotsman from Humble Roots, Finds New Purpose at QB3 in Mission Bay

6/23: Etude on the iPad-A Young Boston Developer Follows the Music to San Francisco

6/28: mSpot Opens Up Freemium Cloud Music Service in a Bid to Pre-empt Apple and Google; In-Depth Q&A with CEO Daren Tsui

6/29: The Mission Bay Biotech Cluster: Antibodies, RNAi, Biofuels, & More

7/2: Drop the Incrementalism & More Advice on How to Create a Stable Hub for Innovation

7/8: Innovating Where Banks Won’t: Talking with Rich Aberman About WePay’s Vision for Group Payments

7/8: Gail Maderis, the Boston Biotech Exec Who Came Home to SF, Seeks to Give Back at BayBio

7/9: Sex, Power, and Money: Dave McClure Tells Web Startups to Tap Into Consumers’ ‘Reptilian Psyche’

7/12: Will Jelli’s Crowdsourcing Kill the Radio Stars (and Save the Stations)? Stay Tuned

7/14: Livefyre Works to Bring Web Comment Sections Back to Life

7/16: Kristina Burow, Arch’s Rising Star in SF, Spots Big Ideas in Biotech, Cleantech

7/19: Achaogen, Flush with $56M, Seeks to Build Lasting Company with Potent Antibiotics

7/21: How a MacGyver of the Semiconductor Industry Plans to Rescue Nanosys

7/26: Greylock’s Henry McCance on Why the Firm Moved Its HQ to Silicon Valley and How Boston Must Find Its Google

7/27: Solazyme, Founded on ‘Delusional’ Idea of Algae Biofuel, Stakes Claim as Industry’s First Mover

7/29: Overshooting and Undershooting: Scale Venture Partners’ Kate Mitchell and Rory O’Driscoll on the VC Pendulum Swing

8/4: Making Customer Support Sexy: Zendesk’s Help Desk Lovefest

8/4: Cytokinetics, Defying the Fashion in Biotech, Sticks with Gradual Science-Based Strategy

8/9: Mark Hurd’s Real Legacy at Hewlett-Packard: Reverticalization