Cleantech Entrepreneurship: Can It Get the Nation Back to Work?

The Cleantech Open sponsors a day-long conference on the contributions alternative energy entrepreneurship can make to economic recovery. From the conference website:

“Amidst the recovery from the recent recession, seeds of a brighter future are being developed by entrepreneurs with ‘game changing’ clean technologies.  This innovation is not unprecedented, but what is different this time?  We are competing on a global scale against corporations and governments that have a multi-year head start, while struggling to finance our major infrastructure projects with venture capital investment or capital markets.

Faced with these challenges, we bring the brightest and most engaging minds together to discuss how we can ensure that cleantech leads the economic recovery, and that our most innovative entrepreneurs receive the support they need.  Keynotes and panelists will have a discourse on:

  • how to accelerate the cleantech revolution and encourage entrepreneurship
  • who owns the responsibility to make cleantech a crucial factor in our economy and policy
  • the public and private sector roles, and how we can coordinate all parties to help in this massive effort for cleantech sector growth

Join us for keynote addresses and six themed panels featuring nationally-recognized speakers representing all areas of the cleantech space.  The full day of speakers and networking will be followed by an evening wine reception.”

Information and registration here.