Digital Pharma West

ExL Pharma brings its digital pharma event to the West Coast. From the event website: “Digital Pharma has become the leading experimental forum for the industry to explore how technology, innovation and social media are changing the way we interact with patients and physicians. We assemble the most leading pharma marketers and create a setting that breaks down the barriers of conventional conferences so as to promote creativity, collaboration and excitement for this new era of communication in which we live. Our audience has been telling us with conviction for some time now that there needs to be a Digital Pharma event on the west coast. The demand is certainly there. This region has been the incubator for high tech innovation for a very long time. Our goal is to embrace this culture so that pharma can learn from it and adapt some of its practices. The time has come to bring this forum to the west coast and we hope that you will join us.” Cost: $1895 to $2695. Information and registration here.