Agtech Startup GroGuru Gets Audience Kudos at EvoNexus Demo Day

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Three fabless semiconductor startups (meaning the companies design computer chips, but outsource the manufacturing) also pitched. All are taking advantage of technological advances to design next-generation chips and software.

AONDevices is developing ultra-low power chips for battery-powered applications, with an initial focus on voice and audio recognition.

Atlazo is also developing ultra-low-power chips, focusing on semiconductors for healthcare applications, such as hearing aids.

Axalume is developing chips with integrated photonics to make data centers and computing and networking systems more efficient.

Another presenter, NanoHenry, says it is trying to improve radio-frequency inductors to meet the demands of 5G technology, the latest wireless architecture, which is anticipated to increase network speed and reduce latency. The components of NanoHenry’s inductors are “dramatically smaller” than those in use today, which would allow mobile phones to become slimmer while also being more robust and reliable, the company claims.

Two healthtech companies also pitched.

Carlsmed is using 3D printers to create personalized implants for use during spinal surgery for people with complex spine deformities. The implants are intended to improve surgical outcomes and reduce the need for additional procedures.

Cella Medical has created a wireless device for people to use at home to track their hydration level. The system, Cella, measures electrical conductivity to determine body composition, including a person’s hydration level, to detect signs of heart failure—a symptom of which is fluid retention.

Previous winners of recent EvoNexus Demo Days include NeuraLace Medical, which is developing an opioid alternative; Lynx Biosciences (now at the Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) incubator JLABS); and portable wind turbine company Uprise Energy.

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