Teradata Moving Headquarters to San Diego as Part of Consolidation

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a specialist in data warehousing, business analytics, and consulting services, disclosed this week that it plans to move its corporate headquarters from Dayton, OH, to San Diego by the end of the year.

The move is part of a broader corporate consolidation, according to a June 6 regulatory filing.

Teradata has maintained its engineering and data center research and development in the suburban San Diego community of Rancho Bernardo for more than 20 years. Teradata has roughly 10,000 employees around the world, including more than 1,000 in San Diego and about 300 in Dayton.

According to the filing, the move reflects “Teradata’s ongoing comprehensive business transformation from a data warehouse company to a data analytics platform company.” Many of Teradata’s strategic partners also are based in California, and in its filing, Teradata said the consolidation is intended to make its “decision-making, systems, and processes more efficient,” and  “better align the company’s skills and resources to effectively pursue opportunities in the marketplace.”

In its filing, Teradata said it has not estimated the cost of consolidating its operations in San Diego, but “the company does not expect it will materially change Teradata’s 2018 guidance regarding its free cash flow.”

Teradata has been shifting from its legacy business, which was installing its proprietary software and “hard iron” parallel processing equipment on its customers’ premises, to cloud-based computing, analytics, and business intelligence services. As Teradata’s Oliver Ratzesberger told Xconomy in a 2016 interview, “We are heading full-steam into the cloud.”

At the time, Ratzesberger was the president of Teradata Labs in San Diego, overseeing a broad effort to integrate platforms, unify data, develop more innovative analytics, and to adapt and support open-source initiatives like Presto and Hadoop. A year later, Ratzesberger gained new  responsibilities as executive vice president and chief product officer. In February, Teradata promoted Ratzesberger to chief operating officer.

Teradata was incorporated in the Los Angeles area in 1979, the product of a three-year collaboration between Caltech scientists and Citibank’s advanced technology group to develop a massive database management system based on parallel processing. The company was acquired by Dayton, OH-based NCR in 1991, shortly after NCR was itself acquired by AT&T. Teradata was spun out as an independent public company in 2007.

Bruce V. Bigelow was the editor of Xconomy San Diego from 2008 to 2018. Read more about his life and work here. Follow @bvbigelow

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