Connect Marks 30th Year of Most Innovative New Product Awards

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cellular voice and data service in industrial settings by eliminating dead zones and dropped calls.

Life Science Diagnostics and Research Tools: StemoniX

StemoniX developed its microHeart product for use by major pharmaceutical companies in drug toxicity screening. Using stem cells derived from skin cells, StemoniX says it can create biologically accurate beating heart micro-organs in the wells of high-density assay screening trays.

Life Science Products, Clinical Stage: ViaCyte

ViaCyte has developed PEC-Direct as a functional cure for patients with high-risk Type 1 diabetes. The product is composed of stem cell-derived pancreatic progenitor cells contained within a semi-permeable packet that is implanted just beneath the skin. After implantation, ViaCyte says the precursor stem cells mature into the full complement of islet cells that secrete insulin and other hormones to a way that regulates blood sugar levels.

Medical Devices: TereoPneuna

TereoPneuna has developed an oxygen facemask with a sensor display that provides a visual signal of how well a patient is breathing. The ReDe Mask is green if a patient is breathing normally, turns yellow to alert caregivers to potential breathing problems, and red if the respiration rate is too irregular.

Mobile Apps: NotesFirst

NotesFirst has developed a mobile app for capturing and improving the quality of health data for lower-middle income regions of the world.

Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles: Brain Corp.

With backing from Qualcomm and SoftBank, Brain Corp. has developed a proprietary “brain” operating system for self-driving vehicles. Brain Corp. says its A.I. technology enables robots to perceive their environment, control their motion, and navigate using visual cues and landmarks while avoiding people and obstacles.

Software & Digital Media: Sourcify

Sourcify has developed Web-based technology that enables companies to connect with factories in China, and uses project management tools to guide them through the product development cycle.

Sport & Active Lifestyle Technologies: Levitate Technologies

Levitate Technologies has developed lightweight and wearable exoskeleton technology that has been engineered to support the upper extremity of professionals and skilled trade workers whose work requires repetitive arm extension and elevation. Levitate says its “Airframe” provides ergonomic support and reduces muscle fatigue.

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