Human Longevity Offers Genome Sequencing Through MassMutual

Xconomy San Diego — 

Human Longevity Inc., founded in 2014 by the gene pioneer J. Craig Venter to create a database for interpreting the human genome (and to make healthcare more proactive instead of reactive) said it has signed a partnership deal with MassMutual.

Beginning today, San Diego-based Human Longevity plans to offer its whole genome sequencing service to customers, employees, and affiliated financial professionals of the Springfield, MA-based insurer formally known as the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.

In the three years since it was founded, Human Longevity has amassed about 40,000 genomes and related data on physical traits. Through its multi-year initiative with MassMutual, Human Longevity expects to add about 200,000 whole genome sequencing reports to its database, according to a statement from the company.

MassMutual participants get knowledge and insight about themselves, and new insight concerning their health, said Heather Kowalski, a Human Longevity spokeswoman.

Human Longevity said its whole genome sequencing product, to be ordered by a customer’s doctor, would include comprehensive sequencing and analysis of the customer’s genome. Customers and their doctors would get an electronic version of the genome report, and their entire genome in a printable poster format.

MassMutual would not receive genomic or related data from Human Longevity on its policy holders, customers, employees, or financial professionals. Human Longevity said it is offering this comprehensive genomic sequencing and analysis at a reduced cost and that MassMutual would not pay for or otherwise subsidize the cost of the service, officially known as HLIQ Whole Genome. Customers would pay $1,400 for the offering, according to a MassMutual website.