CyberTech Opens New “Entrepreneur in Residence” Program to 8 Teams

Darin Andersen, the busy-bee creator of San Diego’s Cyberhive, iHive, and xHive startup programs, says eight early stage tech companies have joined the co-working space he has been building out in Bankers Hill under a new “Entrepreneur in Residence” program.

Andersen created the program under the auspices of CyberTech, a membership organization he created to provide networking, resources, and programs focused on cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and related technologies.

Earlier this month, the City of San Diego awarded a $40,000 grant to Nest, the 16,000-square-foot co-working space that Andersen founded, to help foster the creation of more startups and jobs in the region.

Under the six-month Entrepreneur in Residence program, startups teams pay a $140 monthly CyberTech membership for the first two months and $250 a month for the remaining four months, Andersen said. Enrolled companies may be focused on near-term goals that range from raising capital to recruiting key technical and business leaders. “Our goal is to get them on their feet from a sustainability standpoint,” Andersen said.

The participating startups are:

SD3D: Automated 3D manufacturing.

Secured Universe: Secure Android OS.

Skylift Global: Heavy-lift drones.

Sympathetic Innovations: 3D-printed, counter-IED training devices.

TrueID Security: Biometric security protection.

Breeze: Ride-sharing app with fuel-efficient cars.

Object Security: Simplified security management.

—MiPOV: Wearable Internet of Things “techlace” (in stealth).

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