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digital content and distribution, adtech, consumer Internet, and SaaS-based businesses. Recent exits include Maker Studios, TrueCar, Burstly, Gravity, Envestnet, and Ulta Beauty. |

—Wednesday 6/15 at 4:45 pm. Technology Development at the Intersection of Clinical, Genomic, and Computer Science
1 Columbia Place, 401 West A Street, 92101

Human Longevity CTO Ashley Van Zeeland is scheduled to talk about the opportunities emerging for technology innovation at the confluence of genomics and computer sciences. Large numbers of technology innovators and biotech scientists will have to collaborate to make personalized medicine a reality.

—Wednesday 6/15 at 4:45 pm.  Shit Startup Founders Don’t Talk About
EvoNexus, 101 West Broadway, Second Floor, 92101

Startup founders Mel Gordon and David Warren are breaking an unwritten code of silence to tell their raw stories and their experiences from the front lines of entrepreneurship, including the good, bad, and ugly.

—Wednesday 6/15 at 6 pm. Startup Crawl
225 West Broadway Plaza, 92101

Organized shuttles for hundreds of attendees, who will break into groups and visit San Diego startup companies offering beer tastings and presentations of their offices and products.

—Thursday June 16 from 8 am to 5 pm. Mini-Summit on Transformative Role of Design
Broadway Pier Pavilion, 1000 North Harbor Drive, 92101

Civic leaders, industry innovators, and designers come together to explore the potential and power of human-centered design in driving San Diego’s economic growth and global identity. The all-day event will highlight how effective user interface, graphic design, and designing with data represent critical components of San Diego’s resident expertise in tech innovation.

—Thursday June 16 at 6 pm. Fuckup Nights, Binational Edition
1 Columbia Place CR 300 401 West A Street, 92101

A night where entrepreneurs share their failures so that others might learn from them. This is the binational edition wherein speakers from both sides of the border will share their experiences. It is part of the Crossborder Track, which is intended to highlight Tijuana and San Diego as an entrepreneurial mega-region, with unique startup resources, talent, business opportunities, and collaborations.

—Thursday June 16 at 7 pm. Demo Night
Broadway Pier Pavilion, 1000 North Harbor Drive, 92101

Seven local startup founders are scheduled to present their companies, outline their technologies, and explain their business models. The companies are: Tourrs, Gofer, TeamVibe, Democracy Counts!, Optisom, Obrary, and Airbitz.

—Friday June 17 at 1:30 pm. Startup Culture and Growth
          701 B Street, 16th Floor, 92101

A startup’s corporate culture can become a limiting factor for growth. But the right culture can help resource-constrained companies get past challenges, meet difficult milestones, and gain momentum for growth. This session is focused on the ingredients that help make that happen.

—Friday June 17 at 5 pm. Startup Festival and Awards Ceremony
Quartyard urban park and community space, 1102 Market St., 92101

Startup Week culminates in a festival that is intended to show all the cool things startups are building in San Diego, accompanied by live bands, and provisioned by food trucks and craft beer. At least 75 local companies will be accepting resumes, and leaders of San Diego’s startup ecosystem will be recognized with community awards.

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