5D Robotics Raises $5.5M to Commercialize Technology for Vehicles

Carlsbad, CA-based 5D Robotics said it has raised $5.5 million in a seed round from private investors to accelerate the commercial development of its automation technology in such sectors as industrial heavy equipment, mapping, and inspection. The investors were not identified.

5D Robotics, not to be confused with Berkeley, CA-based 3D Robotics, was founded in 2009 by CEO David Bruemmer and colleagues from the Idaho National Laboratory. Until now, the company has funded its operations through government contracts, although Bruemmer said founders, friends, family, have provided some funding, along with angel investors.

5D specializes in automation technology for vehicles, saying its “innovative software supports navigation, mapping and localization, search and detection, and dexterous mobile manipulation and various other robot behaviors for unmanned ground and air vehicles.”

The company says it has developed a commercial module that can be easily installed and reconfigured to bring robotics innovations to forklifts, scissor-lifts, and other industrial equipment to automate operations and increase safety and efficiency. In a statement earlier this week, the company said, “5D solves position and navigation down to the centimeter level, allowing vehicles to park side by side, indoors, outdoors, and in the snow, fog, or rain.”

In an e-mail, Bruemmer added, “The same modules we are developing for those vehicles are also now going onto automotive, drones, and low-speed electric vehicles.”

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