UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute Opens Startup “Innovation Space”

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the space made short presentations Thursday about their technology and startup plans:

Comhear CEO Randy Granovetter is developing speakers and wearable audio products that use beam-forming technology and software to produce an immersive, 360-degree sound for listeners.

Foundation for Learning Equality co-founder Jamie Alexandre said the non-profit foundation has been working with the Kahn Academy and other edutech companies to develop open-source curriculum for the hundreds of millions of children around the world who are unable to attend school.

RAM Photonics president John Marciante said the six-year-old startup is focused on identifying and licensing highly innovative and transformative photonic technologies for use in medical, high-power machining, and communications industries.

Sinopia Biosciences co-founder Aarash Bordbar has been working with UC San Diego professor of Bioengineering Bernhard Palsson to develop analytics technologies for identifying signature characteristics in genomic data that correlate with adverse drug reactions.

STEAM Engine co-founder and Qualcomm Institute research scientist Albert Yu-Min Lin said the company is creating an education technology platform committed to immersive learning, citizen science, and the aggregation of knowledge through game-based simulation.

Technosylva CEO Joaquin Ramirez, a fire prediction expert, has developed technology for geospatial data analysis that can be used by public safety agencies in fighting wildfires.

VirBELA CEO Alex Howland said the startup has developed software that uses simulation and virtual world gaming for executive recruiting and related human resources assessments of job competencies.

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