San Diego Startup Week Kicks Off with Opening of New IoT Incubator

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cocktails, appetizers, craft beer, and “Big Top Beats” by DJ Wolfgang von Cope. (Sold Out)

Wednesday June 18

—Noon: Q&A Lunch with Entrepreneurs on Capitalizing Your Startup, held at the downtown EvoNexus incubator and featuring San Diego attorney Larry Nishnick.

1:30 pm: Hardware Innovation in San Diego, held at the new San Diego downtown public library, was organized by Fab Lab San Diego and is focused on San Diego’s future as an innovation and manufacturing hub.

Thursday June 19

7:30 am: San Diego Venture Group’s Annual Venture Summit, featuring 30 local “cool companies” and speakers Daniel Obodovski, on “The Internet of Things,” Peregrine Semiconductor founder and CTO Ron Reedy on “The End of Moore’s Law,” and Greg Lucier of the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, Zady co-founder and CEO Soraya Darabi, and others.

3 pm: Speed Mentoring for Startup Founders, downtown San Diego.

8:30 pm: Tech Scene Startup Bash at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel’s Club Float

Friday June 20

10 am – 5:30 pm #GoSanDiego Inspiring Innovation, includes keynote speaker Timothy “Scott” Case of the Startup America Partnership at San Diego downtown library.

6 pm: Startup Boost! Celebration and Closing Ceremonies.

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One response to “San Diego Startup Week Kicks Off with Opening of New IoT Incubator”

  1. Thanks, Bruce, for covering this – very exciting times and great momentum in San Diego. I wholeheartedly agree with Case’s comment that relationships will provide the access to capital. Much of what StartupSanDiego is doing by running their bi-weekly mentorship programs is to create the environment in which relatioships happen. These lead to support through experience sharing for the entrepreneur, and in many cases to funding through networking to investors with a common interest.

    One area SD could focus on is trying to increase our links to the Bay Area. I few entreprenerus I’ve spoken to have worked the network in San Diego, gaining their seed round, but need help to get to the $5mm VC round. The SWARM movement (on which you have previously written) is trying to address this issue.
    Positive moves.