As Websense Leaves Town, Iboss Network Security Takes Center Stage

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move with the company to Texas. The headcount at iboss has increased from about 70 in January to about 110 today, including engineers, sales and marketing personnel, and account executives, Martini said.

The iboss CEO and his brother say their company’s fast growth has resulted largely from a variety of massive Internet trends over the past decade—including the Web 2.0 revolution, the rise in cloud-based Web services, and the proliferation of smartphones and other personal mobile devices.

Many legacy security products that were developed 20 years ago to control access to static Web pages provided no protection against cyber attacks that take advantage of more dynamic content applications like Skype and BitTorrent that use different Internet protocols. And system administrators struggled to control how employees could access data on corporate websites during this new age of BYOD—Bring Your Own Device.

“There are so many programs and so many ports that if your security is designed to just look at data packets and certain networking ports, then you’re just not seeing all of the traffic” on your network, Paul Martini said.

At iboss, he said, developers had to fundamentally redesign how data packets were processed, so it wouldn’t make any difference whether they were coming from an AOL chat room or a mobile device. Changing a security policy with the iboss system means it gets synched throughout the network and cloud for all users, no matter how they are accessing the network.

In a statement today, Martini says the company’s accelerating sales growth is a testament to the fact that iboss has been able to address complex network security challenges caused by cloud computing, the rush of new mobile devices entering the market, and the increasing prevalence of sophisticated cyber threats. Iboss says its technology now protects big computer networks operated by the state of Florida and other big customers. New customers added during the first quarter include Xerox, NutraSweet, and Sears.

With triple-digit sales growth, high profit margins, and no debt, Martini says the success that iboss has achieved so far “allows us to reinvest in our technology and grow our team. In 2014 we plan to significantly expand our international footprint, which will ensure we can improve network security for organizations across the globe.”

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11 responses to “As Websense Leaves Town, Iboss Network Security Takes Center Stage”

  1. Kevin Carroll says:

    Great company – great to see Martini brothers making the commitment to the region !

  2. Chase Davis says:

    This company is trash, their product is trash, and this guy is trash. It’s an unreliable CentOS box that doesn’t do what is advertised. Internally, they acknowledge that controls are “purely asthetic”, and completely ignore customer requests to resolve issues with these features. They use non-spec SSL inspection that doesn’t handle wildcarded SSL certs. I could go on and on and on.

    • john smith says:

      We use iboss and their product is amazing! Perhaps it was too advance for you?

      • Chase Davis says:

        Or maybe you have no idea what you’re talking about, since I used to support the product for a living.

  3. Klb279 says:

    Awesome product. It works great for our network. Enjoyed reading about this great company.

  4. Jeff Houzer says:

    Congrats iboss. Your support team is amazing!

  5. ColoradoAlly says:

    Great product, great staff. Cant say enough good things!

  6. darcyWinters says:

    A great asset to San Diego! We need more companies like this

  7. kevin hollister says:

    Love your product…We switched our hospital from Websense and never looked back

  8. ekim says:

    one of the best work cultures out there!!

  9. Jlee says:

    iboss is a great place to work. Positive team environment, growth opportunity, good communication, and a team culture! Love it!