Digital Health Event Highlights Innovation, Wireless Clinical Trials

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introduce the healthcare industry to wireless technologies,” Jones writes. “We built out a phenomenal ecosystem of university programs, master degrees for engineers and physicians, investment funds, innovation programs, the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize, FDA relationships, standards bodies, regulatory and policy groups, and much more.”

At tomorrow’s headliner event, “my topic will be that mobility in healthcare is here to stay, connectivity made it happen and now the challenge is to get a network effect,” he added. “Part of that network effect will be driven by clinical and economic validation of connected digital health solutions—hence my focus on digital health clinical trials at the Scripps Translational Science Institute.

“Pharma, medical device [makers] and health payers all accept clinical validation as a necessary hurdle to adoption and reimbursement. Increasingly, consumer electronic companies, telcos, and even international food and supplement companies are planning and conducting clinical trials of their digital health products.”

At Scripps new digital medicine center, Steinhubl is overseeing the design and execution of the mHealth technology clinical trials. The Qualcomm Foundation provided a $3.75-million grant to Scripps Health in 2012 to help establish the program, and some additional funding came from $29 million that the National Institutes of Health awarded through its Clinical and Translational Science Award grant last fall.

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