New San Diego Biotech Charts Stem-Cell Therapies for Heart Disease

Xconomy San Diego — 

CardioCell, a new San Diego biotech spun out of privately held Stemedica Cell Technologies, stepped into the light today, saying it is beginning a mid-stage clinical study in the United States to evaluate the use of its proprietary stem cells to treat patients with heart attacks.

The company says it’s also beginning a late-stage trial of the intravenous administration of its stem cell therapy for heart attack patients in the Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia. The Kazakhstan Ministry of Health and local licensee Altaco are sponsoring the study.

CardioCell CEO Sergey Sikora tells me he was recruited by Stemedica to head CardioCell when the company was founded last July. He was previously the senior vice president of business development at GenWay, a San Diego company that provides proteins, antibodies, and other lab supplies.

A group of independent investors provided Series A funding in October. CardioCell has not disclosed the investors or the amount of funding, but Sikora says it is sufficient to cover several clinical trials that CardioCell is sponsoring in the United States. The company says it is evaluating its stem-cell technology to treat patients with heart attacks, chronic heart failure, and peripheral artery disease.

“While stem-cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases is nothing new, CardioCell is bringing to the field a new, unique type of stem-cell technology that has the possibility of being more effective than other” treatments for heart attack, says Dr. Stephen Epstein, chairman of CardioCell’s scientific advisory board, in a statement from the company. Epstein is the … Next Page »

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