Tealium Tries to Simplify Tag Chaos, Adds Data Layer for Marketers

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them 14 weeks to deploy one new tag, and now it takes them one day,” he says. Instead of getting their tag data from two-dozen different vendors, Lunsford says, “They can log onto our interface and hit a button and get all of the data.”

Tealium’s Slovak says marketing teams also can use automated tools to characterize their customers, using badges, icons, and other attributes to separate their online customers into different market segments. Tealium can use these attributes to “identify” each customer who visits an e-commerce Website without collecting personal information.

Lunsford calls it a “personalization” trend. “Everyone is trying to do what Amazon has been doing for the past 10 or 15 years,” he says.

By collecting information about each user visiting a website—and characterizing that user—Slovak says Tealium can help its customers “re-engage” with their customers. For example, a user who doesn’t buy anything while visiting an online retailer—but who is identified as a “VIP” for typically spending $1,000 a month—could be targeted in a future marketing campaign that sends a discount offer by e-mail to “loyal customers.”

“If a user has abandoned their shopping cart, you could send them a discount offer,” Slovak says. “Or you can target them with a banner ad with a coupon for 20 percent off. We can automate the actionable information.”

Tealium contends that marketing teams are embracing its product, and the company is riding a wave of disruptive technology. “It’s a pretty geeky wave,” Lunsford says, “but when you live it, you feel the benefit.”

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