San Diego’s Connect Begins Search for New Innovation Leader

Xconomy San Diego — 

Connect, the San Diego nonprofit supporting local innovation and entrepreneurship, has hired an executive search firm to help the organization recruit a new leader following the death of Connect CEO Duane Roth.

Roth, who led Connect for nearly nine years, suffered a traumatic head injury in a July 21 bicycling accident in the mountains east of San Diego. He was hospitalized at the UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest, but never recovered from his injuries. He died Aug. 3. He was 63.

In a statement Friday, Connect said it has hired Carrie Stone, a San Diego executive recruiter and consultant, to help recruit an experienced and visionary CEO and to help chart Connect’s next phase of growth and community contribution.

Stone actually has been on the job for the past six weeks or so, according to Tyler Orion, a Connect board member who has been serving as Connect’s interim CEO. Stone has spent much of that time developing a list of specifications that define the job, “by meeting with the search committee and a lot of the stakeholders who are involved with Connect,” Orion said.

At the same time, Orion voiced sentiments that were recently expressed by Duane Roth’s brother Ted, an investment banker and Connect board member. “We’re really not looking for someone to replace Duane,” she said. “We’re looking for the next leader of Connect.”

Connect’s CEO oversees a staff of 19 and is responsible for carrying out the nonprofit’s mission and financial objectives. The CEO is responsible for leading Connect’s strategic planning process, and developing … Next Page »

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One response to “San Diego’s Connect Begins Search for New Innovation Leader”

  1. Bernadette Bach says:

    Connects board has chosen a highly experienced C level recruiter who understands the unique needs of an organization like Connect. I am confident Carrie Stone will find the ideal candidate to carry out Duane Roth and the boards vision for Connect.