With $1.3M in Seed Funding, Arcturus Adds to RNAi Hub in San Diego

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clinical development with nanoparticle technology for a novel RNAi therapeutic to treat liver fibrosis. Chivukula, who is chief scientific officer and COO, also specialized in nanoparticle drug delivery systems at Nitto Denko. They are developing a novel delivery system at Arcturus, Chivukula says.

Arcturus is targeting rare diseases for which there is no adequate treatment. Arcturus says proceeds of the funding will be used to purchase capital equipment, advance the startup’s proprietary drug delivery technology, RNAi target selection, and design of pre-clinical, proof-of-concept studies.

In a statement issued by the company, Payne says, “Researchers have made great strides in recent years in diagnosing, treating and even preventing a variety of rare diseases. Still, much more remains to be done because there are no treatments for the vast majority of rare diseases which affect an estimated 25 million to 30 million Americans.”

Craig Willett, CEO of coaching services provider Voice of the Entrepreneur, has joined its board of directors, according to a separate release from Arcturus today. Nicholas M. Dean, who founded Excaliard Pharmaceuticals in 2006, joined the Arcturus scientific advisory board.

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