A Call for the 113th Congress to Support an Innovation Agenda


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the world that the U.S. is serious about retaining its place as the world economic and innovation leader.

Reform the tax code to incentivize and reward innovation. The current U.S. tax code does not do an adequate job of incentivizing innovation, new business creation, and enhancing the ability of young companies to scale up, expand, and produce in the U.S., and not overseas. As Congress considers comprehensive tax reform for the first time in nearly 30 years, it must not neglect a pro-growth tax code that promotes startups and emerging companies.

Recognize the importance and benefits of federal research funding. Instead of blunt and indiscriminate cuts through sequestration, Congress and the Administration should take a targeted approach to spending cuts, so as to not wipe out innovation occurring through federal research funding. A more targeted approach will not leave lab benches empty, life-saving experiments stalled, high-wage jobs vacant, and innovative technology trapped in development stages without a pathway to commercialization.

Encourage the expansion of available spectrum to fuel the revolutionary advancements in mobile technology. Congress should continue to explore ways to expand spectrum availability—the core fuel of the mobile revolution.

Encourage increased technology transfer and commercialization of federal research. Congress should strongly encourage federal agencies to proactively seek out regional innovation accelerators across the U.S. that already possess the expertise and capacity needed to move technology from the federal lab bench to the marketplace.

Conduct vigorous oversight of federal agencies with innovation-related regulatory authority and require Innovation Impact Statements for all regulations. Currently, a host of major innovation-related regulations are weaving their way through the administrative process at several agencies. Each regulatory proceeding carries the potential to spark … Next Page »

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Duane J. Roth was Chief Executive Officer and board member of CONNECT, the San Diego nonprofit organization that fosters entrepreneurship by catalyzing, accelerating, and supporting technology and life sciences innovation. He founded Alliance Pharmaceutical, and was a longtime life sciences industry executive. Follow @

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One response to “A Call for the 113th Congress to Support an Innovation Agenda”

  1. Angela Cummings says:

    Thank you Duane–great piece! I agree and feel strongly about the need for Innovation Impact Statements and the overall reciprocal interaction between start-ups and government entities.