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J&J Creates Space at Janssen Labs for Life Sciences Entrepreneurs

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safety of clinical trials.

CEO: Yesh Subramanian

Everist Genomics, Ann Arbor, MI: Developing diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutic selection technologies for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Chairman: Thomas Everist

Glycosensors and Diagnostics, Athens, GA: Provides enabling technologies for applications in glycoscience.

President: Robert Woods; Chief Scientific Officer; Lori Yang

Linnaeus Bioscience, San Diego: Developing a novel method for identifying and characterizing antibiotics.

Co-Founders: Joe and Kit Pogliano

Misfolding Diagnostics, San Diego: Researching biomarkers and companion diagnostics for protein amyloid diseases.

Leadership: Undisclosed

NeuroGeneration, Los Angeles, CA: Developing neural stem cell products targeting neurological disorders caused by cell loss or injury.

Founder & CEO: Michel F. Levesque

Neurolixis, San Diego: Developing small molecule compounds for treatment-resistant depression, and other CNS diseases and disorders.

Chief Scientific Officer: Adrian Newman-Tancredi

Renascions, San Diego: Working to improve clinical trial outcomes by optimizing patient recruitment, thereby potentially improving drug efficacy.

CEO: Henry Pan

Sialix, Inc., San Diego: Developing products for illnesses associated with non-human sialic acids.

CEO: Jeffrey Behrens

Silicon Biosystems, Bologna, Italy: Proprietary lab-on-a-chip technology to identify, manipulate, and sort specific cells within a heterogeneous population.

CEO: Giuseppe Giorgini

VLP Biotech, San Diego: Developing proprietary technologies to enhance T-cell response to vaccines.

Founder & CEO: Dave Milich; President: Yemi Onakunle

Wellspring Biosciences, San Diego: Discovering and developing small molecule drugs that target signal transduction networks.

CEO: Troy Wilson

Wibi+Works, LLC, New Orleans, LA: Developing uniform and predictable cell-based therapies for diseases associated with inflammation.

Founder and CSO: Aline M. Betancourt; CEO and Medical Director: Ruth S. Waterman

Yolia Health, Mexico City, Mexico: Developing a non-invasive treatment for presbyopia that improves vision by safely modifying the cornea.

Founder & CEO: Alberto Osio

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