The Top 10 San Diego Cleantech Milestones of 2012


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UC San Diego a grant (with charging manufacturers RWE and ABB) to install 26 Level Two chargers and three DC fast chargers on the UCSD campus, once added giving UC San Diego the largest array of campus EV charging in the world. Building out the EV charging infrastructure is critical to ensure the continued growth of clean vehicles in San Diego, where more than 2,000 EVs already are humming along.

4) Californians statewide voted overwhelmingly in November in favor of Proposition 39, an initiative to close a corporate tax loophole for out-of-state companies—which represents an estimated $1 billion a year in new tax revenues. Half the revenues generated by passing Prop 39 will fund energy efficiency and clean energy programs at schools and municipal buildings throughout the state over the next five years, including San Diego.

5) San Diego Mayor Sanders joined Smart City San Diego—a collaboration among GE, SDG&E, UC San Diego, City of San Diego and CleanTECH San Diego—to dedicate the Solar-to-EV Project in the San Diego Zoo parking lot. The project features 10 solar canopies producing 90 kilowatts (kW), enough to power five EV charging stations and to charge a 100-kW energy storage system using new battery technology. It is the first system of its kind in the U.S. to harness solar energy for the combined use of charging plug-in electric vehicles, energy storage, and supplying renewable energy to the grid.

6) San Diego Gas & Electric, which provides electricity for over 3.3 million people in Southern California, energized the Sunrise Powerlink, a 500,000-volt transmission line that links San Diego to … Next Page »

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Jim Waring is a co-founder and executive chairman of CleanTECH San Diego, a non-profit industry association established to stimulate renewable energy technologies, cleantech, and sustainable industry practices in the greater San Diego region. Follow @

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