Latest Venture Funding Deepens Independa’s Ties with LG Electronics

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commercial HD televisions for hotel and hospitality companies that operate retirement facilities that provide continuing care, assisted living, and skilled nursing services for the elderly. Independa’s deal with LG means that all commercial TVs that LG provides to a hospitality customer would come embedded with Independa’s Web-based social-engagement platform, dubbed “Angela.”

Once activated, Independa’s software-as-a-service would run behind conventional TV programming. It would display reminders for elderly viewers to take their medications and alert them if a relative or caregiver wants to chat by video or instant messaging. Independa’s system also enables elderly customers to use Facebook, Skype, online calendars, e-mail, and other online social services, with no computer skills required.

“We’ve brought cloud-computing technology into the standard TV,” Saneii says. “It turns the TV with our application on it into a touch-screen computer. What we’ve done with LG Electronics has changed the game for the elderly.”

In today’s statement, Nandhu Nandhakumar, a senior vice president with LG Electronics, says, “As we continue our collaboration to integrate the Independa platform in our market-leading commercial TVs, we are forming a stronger alliance by making strategic investments in the company. Our investment in Independa is in line with our belief that Angela is an ideal complement to our Pro:Centric platform for delivering services that can have a direct, quality-of-life impact on seniors and provide peace of mind to their loved ones, while also making the jobs of their professional caregivers easier and more effective.”

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