Roambi Sees 2013 as Pivotal Year for Data Analytics, Visualization

We all know the tide of “big data” has been rising, and there is no shortage of companies applying analytics and data visualization tools to help business leaders and other people make better decisions.

Nevertheless, the Roambi mobile visualization technology that Solana Beach, CA-based Mellmo has developed for Apple iOS stands apart in terms of innovation—especially when it comes to creating simple-but-compelling graphic displays for the iPad.

“We invent new ways of visualizing data that are simple, intuitive, and very engaging,” says Santiago Becerra, Mellmo’s founding CEO. Santiago and his son David, who is Roambi’s vice president of strategy and business development, say they’re encouraged by the five-year-old company’s outlook for 2013.

Santiago Becerra

The Becerras maintain that Roambi is ideally positioned to resolve a paradox among enterprise customers, which the company highlighted in a customer survey released today. While more than two-thirds (67.7 percent) of enterprise customers rank big data analysis and business intelligence as technology investment priorities for 2013, less than half say they derive much value from their own business data.

The key to solving that unmet need, they say, are the kind of interactive data visualization tools that can instantly separate the signal from the noise, transforming statistics into meaningful information. They maintain that Roambi provides that capability with … Next Page »

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