San Diego’s Antengo Marching to Next Round in Mobile Classified Ads

Marcus Wandell tells me he was attending a music festival in New York City’s Lower East Side in 2009, “getting price-gouged on a $12 beer,” when he came up with the idea for Antengo. What if there was a mobile app that could help you find the nearby places to buy a less-expensive beer?

Since then, the concept has broadened beyond serving as a marketplace for finding deals at live events to encompass the universe of classified advertising.

“It started as a B2C play, but it has evolved into a peer-to-peer exchange” says Wandell, who was working in digital advertising for Microsoft at the time. Antengo’s CEO says he interviewed 40 prospective co-founders before meeting Hunter Jensen, a Web and mobile app developer in San Diego. Jensen already had experience with online classified ads, but he was reluctant to leave San Diego, so they agreed to start the company here.

Antengo co-founder and CEO Marcus Wandell

Marcus Wandell

They founded Antengo in 2010, and in four months developed their flagship product—a free mobile app for iOS that provides a real-time, location-based platform for listing and selling anything from concert tickets to coffee makers.

Listings are just 144 characters, leading the company to describe its technology as “Craigslist meets Twitter for mobile.”

In a little over two years, Antengo has featured more than 5 million classified ads and job postings. More recently, Wandell and Jensen have extended Antengo’s core technology from … Next Page »

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