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San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Allergan, Qualcomm Life, & More

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fund three pivotal late-stage trials in a total of 375 patients with acute alcoholic hepatitis and fulminant hepatic failure. The company’s existing investors include including Delphi Ventures, DFJ DragonFund China, HBM BioMed China, Heights Capital Management, MedVenture Associates, Toucan Capital, Valley Ventures, and Versant Ventures.

BioNano Genomics, a nanotechnology startup that moved to San Diego from the Philadelphia area about two years ago, unveiled an automated benchtop instrument called the Irys System that takes a new approach to gene sequencing. The company says its technology images extremely long strands of a single DNA molecule, enabling scientists to visualize the genome architecture in its native state. Instead of fragmenting and amplifying DNA, BioNano Genomics says the Irys System uses proprietary technology to uncoil and confine long DNA molecules in nanochannel arrays.

—San Diego’s Epic Sciences said it has raised $13 million in a Series B round of equity financing for its ultra-sensitive cancer diagnostics technology. The company’s first application of the technology is to identify and analyze extremely rare circulating tumor cells in a blood sample. The investors included Domain Associates, Roche Venture Fund, and Pfizer Venture Investments, in addition to undisclosed individual investors.

Qualcomm Life, the wireless healthcare business created by San Diego’s Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) began … Next Page »

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