Veteran Exec Kevin Hell, former DivX Head, Named On-Ramp Wireless CEO

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establish low-power, low-data networking connections with devices across long distances, even if the devices are underground or in other hard-to-reach places.

Last year, On-Ramp’s technology was selected as one of 10 winners in the $200 million GE ecoimagination Challenge. The company also was among 30 named as “technology pioneers” by the World Economic Forum, which convenes the prominent conference of world business and economic leaders annually in Davos, Switzerland.

The company is moving to challenge some larger competitors in smart grid technology, including Silver Spring Networks and SmartSynch, now part of Itron.

“Having demonstrated the superiority of its wireless solutions in operational deployments with major utilities, On-Ramp is now positioned to scale its offering and diversify its markets,” said Don Telage, chairman of On-Ramp’s board. “Kevin’s experience, energy and demonstrated record of success make him the ideal CEO candidate to achieve these goals.”

Before joining DivX, Hell oversaw Palm branded products and wireless services as a senior vice president at Palm’s Solutions Group. Before that he was responsible for digital home products and services beyond the PC at Gateway computer.

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