In Finding Things to Do, Mobile App Uses Calendar for Search

(Page 2 of 3), a San Diego-based e-commerce platform that enabled users to simultaneously list items for sale on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Oodle, OLX, and Vast, sell through classified ads on AOL, Facebook, and MySpace, and promote their listings on Twitter and Facebook.

“We launched OMP in 2009 and did some light marketing for about 6 months,” Anton says. “Based on the usage metrics we decided not to further develop, but the site is still active.”

“It’s a good idea,” Boyd, who was a Onemarketplace co-founder and marketing director. “But if someone wants to sell an old couch, they put it on Craigslist, and if they want to sell something that’s more upscale they put it on eBay. In some ways, we solved a problem that people didn’t really have.”

With Time to Enjoy, the uTemporis founders are facing a different challenge—differentiating themselves in a market crowded with similar apps for finding things to do. The most notable example is “Find Stuff to Do,” a free app from London-based Brian Industries. But the list also includes AroundMe, Where, Localicious, Thrillist, Mezz, Poynt, Eventseeker, Timerazor, and more. For the most part, Anton says, “They are really location-based/category directories, for example, ‘Where is a gas station?’ rather than direct competitors for finding events.”

So what makes Time to Enjoy different?

In an email this morning, Anton writes: “Time to Enjoy is the first app to use a calendar user interface for finding events (patent pending). By tapping on the calendar a user actually provides … Next Page »

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2 responses to “In Finding Things to Do, Mobile App Uses Calendar for Search”

  1. TTE is actually filling the gap area, with its USP of starting your search with “when” instead of “what”; preciously – it accommodates according to your “free time”; what else could be better than this advanced Mobile discovery engine; it has things to do for all…I love this App and keep tapping on it whenever am free, even if am for few hours; it always give me something happening around me :)

  2. I wonder how long before Google Calendar allows a calendar events API for other startups to use like they built into Google+ Events?