Qualcomm Steps into the Sun with Focus on Mobile OS Development

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the third Uplinq conference is Brew (and its successor, Brew MP), the mobile platform that Qualcomm introduced more than a decade ago. Qualcomm made Brew MP a highlight at its inaugural Uplinq conference in 2010, but no more.

During an afternoon press conference, Jacobs said the company has made the decision to focus Brew software development on feature phones, to “provide capabilities to people who can’t afford smartphones.” Chandhok later told reporters that the shift at Uplinq—from being a Brew conference to a major operating systems conference—is one of the realities of the market that Qualcomm doesn’t control. “Our place in the ecosystem has changed too, and we now see ourselves as platform providers,” Chandhok added.

Qualcomm also used its annual developers’ conference to unleash a series of announcements, including:

—Qualcomm is now collaborating with Cambridge, MA-based Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), to develop new protocol enhancements for mobile Web browsing that are intended to accelerate download times and promote greater bandwidth efficiency. More specifically, the collaboration is intended to optimize Akamai’s Aqua Mobile Accelerator performance on Snapdragon-based devices by the fourth quarter of 2012.

—In a separate collaboration with Microsoft, Qualcomm has been making Snapdragon-based test PCs for Windows RT available to select developers. The initiative is intended to allow developers to test their Metro style apps on a physical Windows RT device to ensure optimization. Qualcomm also said it will award a total of $200,000 in cash prizes for … Next Page »

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