Ford’s Sustainability Roadmap: From EVs to a Future Beyond Cars

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numbers [of them] in dealers by the end of the summer.

X: Talk about your overall strategy. In your presentation, you talked about Ford’s plan to create a platform for electric vehicles and then offer that in different model types.

JV: Body styles, right. When we talk about the C platform—which the Focus body is on—we’re going to have the Focus battery electric; we have a vehicle called the C-Max, which is a brand new vehicle also on the C platform, kind of a mini-SUV, mini-vannish looking sport utility vehicle, kind of like the Escape; we’ll have a hybrid version of that and a plug-in version of that vehicle. We’re not announcing anything yet, but we’ll have seven to nine different body styles on the C platform.

X: What’s the focus of your role at Ford? What is a director of sustainability?

John Viera

JV: We kind of lay out the product strategy in terms of, what do our products need to look like today, five years from now, 10 years from now, 50 years from now? So it’s kind of based on what we determine to be the allowable CO2 coming from our vehicles, cause that’s tied to the climate science and it kind of dictates the mix of different types of vehicles that you would have. So today, we’re introducing electric vehicles. We don’t need to have a high percentage [of electric vehicles] today based upon our [current] CO2 target. But 25 years from now, we’re going to need to have a lot more electrified vehicles on a percentage basis. So our team lays out that roadmap to say the percentages you need are ‘X’ and the percentages you need in 25 years are ‘Y.’ The product team produces the vehicles to meet that roadmap.

X: Is that to meet regulatory standards for CO2 emissions and particulates, and things like that?

JV: Actually, our strategy was set up prior to … Next Page »

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