Zui.com Adds “FaceTube” as MattyB Helps March Traffic Surge Past 2M

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games that have been screened and approved. An additional 400,000 kids used the KidZui browser in March, says Boro, who combines website visitors and browser users for a total of more than 2.4 million users.

Zui.com’s wave of users, who Boro says are mostly 7- to 12-year-olds, has enabled the company to negotiate bigger and more lucrative advertising partnerships with companies like Nintendo and Mattel, Boro says. Zui.com’s average advertising order also is now significantly higher. Boro added eight employees since August, and Zui.com now totals 25.

“Even though we still have the KidZui browser, Zui.com has become the flagship,” Boro says. “We’re branding Zui.com with kids, so why create any more confusion? And kids don’t really want to be associated with anything that’s designated for kids.”

In a statement issued today, Zui.com says its new FaceTube feature empowers kids to socialize around desired content, specifically selected for and by kids, “steering them away from Facebook to become part of an age appropriate social sharing community.”

Zui.com says its FaceTube feature enables users to build a personalized “My Zui Page,” build their own avatar characters, and share content with their friends on Zui.com.

In the statement, Boro says people love Facebook, YouTube, and Google, but the behemoth Internet companies “are not thinking about kids when they get up in the morning.”

Like the rest of Zui.com, FaceTube enables young users to create avatars that help to protect their identity and enable them to access content in a safer environment, in which videos and other content has been pre-screened to exclude inappropriate material for children under 13.

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  1. Tim says:

    Very good idea…but bare in mind kids are kids for a shot period and they move on..and a new generation comes in every time and again which have different content needs.its a very hard work.

  2. Navigatorsolo96 says:

    i want to meet mattyb

  3. Vanenessa says:

    i wish i knew that kid. he’s pretty beast.