Zui.com Adds “FaceTube” as MattyB Helps March Traffic Surge Past 2M

First came the Internet browser, with a new approach to parental controls. Then came Zui.com, an Internet search engine for kids that has grown to serve more than 2 million youthful users a month in less than nine months. Today, San Diego-based Zui.com is introducing “Facetube,” a new feature of Zui.com that operates like a social network for pre-teens.

The kid-friendly Internet startup, which was founded in 2008 as KidZui, has been gaining momentum—and a much bigger audience for its pre-screened content—since the introduction of Zui.com last August. Things have been going so well, in fact, that founding CEO Cliff Boro decided in January to re-brand the Web company Zui.com.

“The growth has been higher than we projected,” says Boro, noting that Internet traffic to Zui.com exceeded more than 2 million unique visitors last month.

One key factor in that growth has been MattyB, a nine-year-old rapper whose soaring popularity (and a celebrity rap for Zui.com) has Boro predicting he will be the next Justin Bieber. Curious? MattyB’s video plug for Zui.com is here.

Boro says, “It also turns out that it’s a lot easier to get kids on the Web if their parents don’t have to download software.” He’s referring to the KidZui browser, an add-on for the Firefox Web browser that allows children to explore websites, watch videos, and play … Next Page »

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6 responses to “Zui.com Adds “FaceTube” as MattyB Helps March Traffic Surge Past 2M”

  1. Tim says:

    Very good idea…but bare in mind kids are kids for a shot period and they move on..and a new generation comes in every time and again which have different content needs.its a very hard work.

  2. Navigatorsolo96 says:

    i want to meet mattyb

  3. Vanenessa says:

    i wish i knew that kid. he’s pretty beast.