Marrying the Humanities and the Sciences


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Liberal science and technology. We need a new major that prepares the future workforce for constant change by teaching broad-based knowledge in many disciplines. This major would consist of, among other disciplines, the basics of engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, law, business, humanities and communications. This curriculum should be group-based, where students teach each other, which is how the most successful corporate teams function—from design to product launch. The rate of change will demand workers who can easily recognize and accept the rapid evolution of science and technology.

Xconomist Report

Duane J. Roth was Chief Executive Officer and board member of CONNECT, the San Diego nonprofit organization that fosters entrepreneurship by catalyzing, accelerating, and supporting technology and life sciences innovation. He founded Alliance Pharmaceutical, and was a longtime life sciences industry executive. Follow @

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One response to “Marrying the Humanities and the Sciences”

  1. John M Eger says:

    The Heart of the Matter released today says what Duane so eloquently argues … but he makes the case, not often so articulated, that all sides must agree on if we intend to remain a force–if not an important factor– in the world economy.