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[Editor’s Note: We asked selected Xconomists a series of questions designed to zero in on the big issues of the year, including “What would you be willing to throw a punch over?”]

In both of my fields of distributed renewable energy infrastructure and environmental composites, I would throw a punch at corporations and/or public sector entities, agents, or elected officials who have an environmentally destructive agenda, yet make no real effort to alter that agenda—and to add insult to injury, lie about their activities in the interest of power or profits. “Greenwashing” is rampant in most industries and sectors and needs to be targeted. It is a particularly disingenuous form of false advertising.

Plundering our environment is a type of crime, and in most cases it is done, not out of ignorance, but out of a singular focus on profit above all else. This is unacceptable by any standard.

Robert Noble is the founder, chairman, and CEO of San Diego-based Envision Solar International, Inc. and Chairs the California Center for Sustainable Energy. He is an architect, environmental designer, industrial designer and environmental technology entrepreneur. Follow @

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