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San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Isis, Elevation, Proacta, and More

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treatment strategy that was identified by Susumu Tonegawa, a Nobel laureate and MIT professor of biology and neuroscience, and has been funded by San Diego’s Avalon Ventures.

Cibus Global, a San Diego-based agricultural biotech, raised about half of a $2 million round of equity and rights, according to a recent regulatory filing. As we’ve previously reported, the company has been developing proprietary technology to develop a desired genetic trait, such as resistance to a widely used weed killer, in certain high-value crops.

—San Diego-based Asteres, which is developing an automated kiosk for dispensing prescription and over-the-counter drugs, raised $750,000 in debt and securities, according to a regulatory filing. Asteres was founded at least six years ago by Linda Pinney, a longtime vice president for business development at Pyxis (now part of CareFusion). Astere’s venture investors include Forward Ventures, Pacific Venture Group, and Sanderling Ventures.

—Abbott Biotech Ventures made an undisclosed investment in Del Mar, CA-based NeuroGenetic Pharmaceuticals, a two-year-old startup developing a drug intended to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. NeuroGenetic says its experimental drug is expected to prevent the deposition of amyloid plaques in the brain, thereby precluding neuronal cell death and the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s. The funding is intended to advance pre-clinical development to the point of enabling the startup to initiate clinical trials.

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