The Top 10 Traffic-Getting Stories at Xconomy San Diego

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clusters, so in many cases, readers also flocked to related stories, which you can find listed with each story under “related posts.”

Here’s our list of Xconomy San Diego’s 2011 top 10 traffic-getting stories:

1) Dramatic Changes in Hepatitis C Treatment Expected to Continue (9/6/11)

2) Avalon’s Kinsella Calls Out Big Pharma for Bad Behavior That’s Pushing Biotech Ventures Almost to the Point of Extinction (2/17/11)

3) Service-Now Names Software Industry Veteran Frank Slootman as CEO ( 4/26/11)

4) Organovo’s Bio-Printing Technology Yields Unanticipated Revenue from Pharma Partners (7/13/11)

5) Illumina Restructuring Coming After Third-Quarter Sales Fall Short (10/25/11)

6) Isis Spinoff Altair Therapeutics Shut Down After Mid-Stage Asthma Study Fails (2/3/11)

7) Service-Now CEO Fred Luddy Sees a Clear Path to $1 Billion in Annual Revenue (1/11/11)

8) San Diego’s Ligand Takes Advantage of the Great Recession to Build New Drug Pipeline (3/25/11)

9) John Mendlein, Biotech Exec With Surfer Look, Follows Winding Path as Parallel Entrepreneur (1/3/11)

10) Bristol-Myers Acquires Amira Pharmaceuticals for $325 Million, Scoops Up Lung Drug (7/21/11)

And a couple of close runners up that you might find interesting (Call it “old media editor’s prerogative”):

11) Johnson & Johnson Creates Innovation Center for Life Sciences Startups in San Diego (10/18/11)

12) The Active Network Files for IPO (2/15/11)

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