Healthy Transgenic Foods


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[Editor’s note: We asked a group of Xconomists to answer the following question: “If you could patent one thing, what would it be?”]

Transgenic foods that are programmed and cultivated not so much to lower costs at the risk of ruining health and the environment, but the opposite—like a tomato that produces lots of Omega3 EFAs.

Ramesh Rao is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego, and director of the San Diego Division of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Follow @

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2 responses to “Healthy Transgenic Foods”

  1. I’d be happy with a tomato that tasted like a tomato

  2. Jeff Chef says:

    I would say that chemical pesticide giants (you know who you are) already would assert they *do* this – and they are utterly, terribly wrong and lying about it. Not one has been subject to FDA testing or similar the way ‘normal’ foods are – why? Because they embed their ex-employees in the USDA to speed along approval without proper scrutiny and testing. Witness the GE Alfalfa, Sugar Beet and Salmon efforts currently underway (that hopefully Obama won’t cave on THIS time!)

    Far better and FAR SAFER to go back to time-honored means of crossing and breeding plants the natural way to produce better cultivars and a sustainable food supply without frankenfood.