Beyond the iPad to the hPad


Xconomy San Diego — 

[Editor’s note: We asked a group of Xconomists to answer the following question: “If you could patent one thing, what would it be?”]

Two patents:

a. A low-cost holographic pad: an “hPad,” which would sit on your desk and project three-dimensional fixed and moving images. It would include a touchscreen-like functionality. This would not only have extraordinary commercial potential, but would provide very high utility for medical diagnoses, building and infrastructure visualization, energy management, and many other individual and societal benefits.

b. A low-cost photovoltaic coating material and application process for virtually any exposed surface, including road surfaces, which when combined with simple conductor fabric could provide low cost, low maintenance, embedded renewable energy generation infrastructure everywhere energy is used.

Robert Noble is the founder, chairman, and CEO of San Diego-based Envision Solar International, Inc. and Chairs the California Center for Sustainable Energy. He is an architect, environmental designer, industrial designer and environmental technology entrepreneur. Follow @

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