Sony Integrates Its Online Entertainment Services in New Brand

In addition to announcing the launch of its new tablets yesterday in Berlin, Sony (NYSE: SNE) said it’s combining its Qriocity on-demand music and video services with the PlayStation Network under a new brand, the Sony Entertainment Network. The announcement underscores the importance Sony is placing on its online content—and how the company has endeavored to make it easier for its tablet users to find their entertainment in one place.

In a post this morning, PaidContent blogger Ingrid Lunden says an added bonus is that it erases the unfavorable connotations conjured by the network security breach earlier this year that allowed hackers to pillage 24.6 million user accounts from the San Diego-based data centers for the PlayStation Network and Qriocity. (One part that doesn’t quite fit Lunden’s thesis is that Qriocity and the PlayStation were both part of Sony Online Entertainment, a brand that isn’t that different from the new Sony Entertainment Network.)

In its own blog entry, Sony casts its new Sony Entertainment Network as “the ultimate digital destination,” accessible from users’ PlayStation Network accounts. As part of the change, Sony says, “Qriocity services will be realigned under Sony Entertainment Network. As a consequence, Video on Demand powered by Qriocity will now be called Video Unlimited, and Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity will become Music Unlimited.

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