BeyondTrust Buys Security Technology from Likewise Software

Carlsbad, CA-based BeyondTrust said today it has acquired software from Likewise Software of Bellevue, WA, that helps businesses bridge Linux, Unix, and Mac environments to Microsoft Active Directory. Financial terms of the deal for Likewise Open and Likewise Enterprise were not disclosed.

Likewise, an open source company that provides a platform for identity, security, and data storage, says it’s using the proceeds to accelerate its investment in its storage software business. In a statement from Likewise, CEO Barry Crist says the Bellevue software developer is “doubling down on our commitment to building out our next-generation storage platform.”

As we reported last year, BeyondTrust specializes in providing IT security for Windows-based networks by managing the access privileges granted to both system administrators and users. The company says the acquisition expands its portfolio of “inside perimeter” security capabilities for Windows and Unix-based systems to include authentication and auditing management for cross-platform and cloud environments.

BeyondTrust says it plans to re-brand and launch the products as part of a new platform, called PowerBroker Identity Services that will integrate Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix systems with Microsoft Active Directory.

BeyondTrust plans to provide continuing technical support for existing Likewise Open and Likewise Enterprise customers.

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