Amid Groupon’s IPO Frenzy, Analog Analytics Offers Old Media a White-Label Life Ring

Much has been blogged about social couponing in recent weeks, from Chicago-based Groupon’s planned IPO, which values the company  somewhere between $2 billion and the moon, to the debut of Google Offers in Portland, OR.

Yet for all the lip service paid to the phenomenon that includes LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, Tippr, and perhaps hundreds of others with “Daily Deal” offerings, hardly a word has been buzzed about Analog Analytics, a two-year-old startup based near San Diego, in Solana Beach, CA. Analog Analytics has followed a white label business model, staying behind the scenes by providing its Web-based social coupon platform as a service to more than 850 “old media” publishers and broadcasters nationwide.

Analog Analytics provides a Web-based technology platform that enables newspapers like The Orange County Register, New York Newsday, and NBC TV to offer daily deal coupons to their respective subscribers as well as an intra-media network that includes 850 radio, TV, daily and weekly newspapers, cable TV, and alternative publications. The company’s reach will be extended further when Analog Analytics finalizes its partnership with a yet-to-be-named cable network, according to Ken Kalb, the company’s co-founder and CEO.

Ken Kalb

“We’re growing very rapidly,” says Kalb, who estimates revenue has been growing at a monthly compounded rate of roughly 50 percent. Kalb says the company counted 1,898,263 page views for all its sites from May 8 to June 7, and its workforce also is on a strong growth curve. The corporate and accounting managers are based at the company’s headquarters in Solana Beach, while software development is based in Portland, OR. The total headcount has more than doubled since March, from 25 employees to 55.

Kalb says he started the company in 2008 with co-founder Tom Buscher partly out of frustration with the lack of accountability in old media advertising. Kalb may be best known as the founder of Continuous Computing, a software developer for the wireless industry, and Buscher was the company’s software architect. Continuous Computing agreed last month to a buyout offer from … Next Page »

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