Oregon’s RadiSys Acquires San Diego’s Continuous Computing in Deal Valued at $120M

Hillsboro, OR-based RadiSys (NASDAQ: RSYS), which provides hardware and software for Internet-based telecommunications, has agreed to acquire San Diego’s Continuous Computing, a privately held company whose wireless infrastructure technologies are based on a set of software protocols called Trillium.

Under terms of the deal, RadiSys agreed to pay roughly $120 million, which includes $73 million in available cash and nearly $32 million in RadiSys shares when the deal closes. The Portland-area company agreed to make additional payments pegged to the sales of certain Trillium software products over a three-year period, or an optional one-time payment of $15 million to Continuous Computing.

The deal will combine two companies of similar size that have “very little overlap in products” and are focused in complementary areas of networking technology, says Continuous Computing CEO Mike Dagenais, who will continue as CEO after the deal closes.

Scott Grout, the current RadiSys president and CEO, was named as vice-chair of the board of directors. Brian Bronson, the current RadiSys Chief Financial Officer, will continue as CFO with the added title of president.

RadiSys has about 550 employees around the world, and today reported a $529,000 loss on first-quarter sales of $73.6 million. The company provides products, such as its Internet Protocol media server and network security technology, which target the Internet and core telecommunications networks.

Continuous Computing, which was founded in 1998, has about 400 employees globally and generated $56.6 million in revenue last year, according to … Next Page »

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