Goin’ Mobile: VoxOx Launches iPhone App with International Calling Feature

San Diego-based VoxOx, which provides a free communications service based on voice over Internet (VoIP) technology, hopes to make a big splash today with the release of its VoxOx Call for iPhone—the startup’s first mobile app.

When VoxOx debuted three years ago, users could download a free application to their desktop, enabling consumers to combine their voice, text messaging, social media, chat, email, fax, and content sharing into a unified service with a single user interface. VoxOx has added some new features since then, such as a low-cost technique for placing international calls and a “translator in the cloud” for translating things like text messages and emails. The company introduced a fully redesigned version of its desktop software in January at the Consumer Electronics Show that was intended to simplify its user interface and main messaging window.

Now, with the launch of its iPhone app, VoxOx is looking to capitalize on the “call connect” feature of its VoIP service to enable iPhone users to make low-cost long-distance calls from anywhere in the world. As I explained last year, the technology uses SMS (text messaging) technology to access an automated, cloud-based system that connects the caller and receiver without incurring international charges for placing the call.

VoxOx boasts that its mobile app does the same thing—without drawing heavily on a user’s mobile data plan—and includes a digital recording and transcription service, two-way worldwide text messaging, automated call forwarding, and other features.

The iPhone market has become so huge that it’s kind of a no-brainer for telephony companies to address the iOS market sooner or later. Because the iOS accounts for something like 16 percent of the smartphone operating system market and close to 60 percent of mobile web consumption in North America, it’s something that VoxOx needs to do to stay relevant. It’s also not the only mobile app that VoxOx has in the works.

“We will definitely have something new for our Android users; we just don’t have one today,” says Matt Howell, the VoxOx director of product management.

VoxOx is operated by San Diego’s Telcentris, which apparently altered its name from TelCentris last year, as a free service for … Next Page »

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