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West Wireless Repositions Itself as an Impartial Arbiter, Amylin Makes Headway in Europe, VCs Debate Viability of Venture-Backed Biotech, & More San Diego Life Sciences News

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to see more data on the drug’s effect on the heart.

—San Diego-based Sangart raised $50 million in venture capital to continue its work on an oxygen-carrying compound to counter blood loss in traumatic injuries. The Series G round of funding is one of the bigger deals we’ve seen in San Diego in recent years, and brings Sangart’s total funding to more than $230 million.

—San Diego’s Tracon Pharmaceuticals raised $14 million of a planned $22 million round of venture capital to fund its development of a promising therapeutic that inhibits the growth of new blood vessels that supply tumors in prostate, bladder, and liver cancers.

CoDa Therapeutics, which has operations in San Diego and Auckland, New Zealand, raised $19 million in a Series B round of venture to fund its technology for healing wounds, specifically for venous leg wounds and for diabetic patients with foot ulcers.

—San Diego-based Awarepoint, which uses RFID technology to help hospitals keep track of ventilators, surgical tools, and other valuable assets, acquired Charlotte, N.C.-based Patient Care Technology Systems, a workflow software developer. No financial terms were disclosed.

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