FDA Clears Gen-Probe for Trichomonas Test

Xconomy San Diego — 

San Diego-based Gen-Probe (NASDAQ: GPRO) says today the FDA has cleared its nucleic acid amplification test to detect the sexually transmitted infection Trichomonas vaginalis for use in the United States. Gen-Probe says its Aptima assay is the first such test to be approved specifically for Trichomonas vaginalis, which is the most common curable sexually transmitted disease in the United States (with about 7.4 million infections a year). In a statement from the company, Gen-Probe CEO Carl Hull says the assay will be a convenient tool for physicians and laboratories because it employs the same technology as Gen-Probe’s tests for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be used with the same patient samples, and runs on the company’s fully automated Tigris system.

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