San Diego Venture Group Hires VC David Titus in New Role to Raise the Tide of Capital, Innovation

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ways to raise the tide of local venture capital and to determine what the scope of the SDVG president should be.

He spent the past 15 months as managing director of strategic initiatives at the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. The EDC, as it is known, has been in a transitional reorganization since January, when longtime CEO Julie Meier Wright announced her retirement. Titus tells me he helped the EDC hire two new vice presidents for development; he plans to keep an office at the EDC and serve in an advisory role until a new CEO can be hired.

Before joining the EDC, Titus headed a local business task force that was formed in 2009 to develop recommendations for boosting San Diego’s local innovation economy in general—and venture capital in particular. “We went through a process, identified a number of recommended actions, and the recommendations went to Connect,” Titus says, referring to the San Diego non-profit group for technology and entrepreneurism.

Titus co-founded San Diego-based Windward Ventures in 1997, and continues to manage a handful of investments that remain from the firm’s portfolio of 24 tech companies. Windward raised its last venture fund in 2000, and made its last investment in 2007.

Titus says he will report directly to the San Diego Venture Group’s board.

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3 responses to “San Diego Venture Group Hires VC David Titus in New Role to Raise the Tide of Capital, Innovation”

  1. StillOutHere says:

    The same David Titus who was a key player in the Streamload/ Mediamax/ Linkup debacle years ago, swindling almost a quarter million customers – losing their cloud data and absconding with their money?