Ecotality Begins Charger Installations

San Francisco-based Ecotality (NASDAQ: ECTY) took the first step in creating an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles today, installing its Blink Level 2 residential charging stations at homes in Los Angeles and the San Diego area. The company says it plans to do similar installations at homes in Portland, OR, tomorrow;  in Seattle, WA, Thursday; and Arizona on Friday. The Department of Energy awarded Ecotality two grants for nearly $115 million to serve as project manager of the largest transportation electrification project in history—the installation of commercial and residential charging stations in 17 cities nationwide. The chargers are intended to support 8,300 electric vehicles.

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4 responses to “Ecotality Begins Charger Installations”

  1. Charles Ragen says:

    $115M to install chargers 8300 electric vehicles. At $1386 per vehicle (and assuming multiple vehicles served per charging station) that seems somewhat expensive, and I hope the program can find ways to lower the unit cost so this can roll out everywhere. Hope the industry has come up with a standard plug design…