Qualcomm Announces AR Awards

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), the San Diego wireless technology giant, said today it awarded its top prize to two developers from Lithuania in its 2010 Augmented Reality Developer Challenge. The company awarded $125,000 to Lithuanians Paulius Liekis and Arminas Didžiokas for Paparazzi, an interactive game where the player becomes a virtual paparazzo who tries to photograph a vain celebrity before he gets agitated and attacks the photographer. Qualcomm awarded its second prize of $50,000 to Defiant Development for Inch High Stunt Guy, a game in which a stuntman jumps his motorcycle over various obstacles. The company gave its third prize of $25,000 to five graduate students at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts for their submission, Danger Copter, in which the player maneuvers a water-spouting helicopter to extinguish fires and rescue people from danger.

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