San Diego’s Avalon Ventures Closes Ninth Fund, Raises $200 M

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by Avalon Ventures and MPM Capital. Aratana also announced that Linda Rhodes, a veterinarian, consultant, contract researcher and the co-founder of New Jersey-based Alchera Bio, will join the company in February as CEO. Aratana is based at MPM’s office in Kansas City, KS.

Backupify of Cambridge, MA, provides daily automatic backups, archiving, and export of important information that companies and individuals maintain in social media, Software-as-a-Service data, and other cloud-based applications.

Bagooba, based in New York, NY, is an emerging company in stealth mode. Kinsella says only that Bagooba “is addressing friendship relationship management by a very experienced group of entrepreneurs.”

Sova Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA, specializes in discovering and developing innovative human therapeutic drugs to treat sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders.

RQx Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA, is a specialized biotech focused on discovering and developing novel broad-spectrum antibiotics, based on research into a family of natural antibiotic products known as arylomycins, which have been shown to block a particular bacterial signal pathway.

Standing Cloud, of Boulder, CO, is an application management software company founded in 2009 to offer cloud-based services. The 13-employee company has received at least $5 million from Avalon and Boulder, CO-based Foundry Group through two rounds of venture funding. Kinsella says Standing Cloud is “the easiest way to deploy and manage web applications using public cloud infrastructure. With just a few clicks and in less than five minutes, you can be up and running with any of more than 60 open source applications.”

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